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Weekend Links

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This week has had many ups & downs unfortunately.. Hayden has some sort of cold and on top of that her sleep schedule and attitude are soooo off that I'm a bit at a loss of what to do with her. Even with my lack of sleep though I've only had 2 grumpy days, mainly Tuesday.


- I am seriously craving a burger from The Counter, which must be fulfilled soon. Suggestion: Beef 1/3 lb burger, on ciabatta or pretzel bun w/ herbed goat cheese or gruyere, baby spinach, black olives, smoked bacon with roasted garlic aioli or country buttermilk ranch plus side of pickle chips & the "fifty-fifty" of fries and sweet potato fries. Seriously so good but they have so many options, you can even choose to go bunless and put your burger on top of a salad.


- Since I am not worn out by my work hours anymore, I finally started to work out again today. I started a new prenatal work out program called Expecting More by Sara Haley which I will do a full review when I have done all 6 of the workouts on it.