Emily Tucker

31 weeks v.2

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above - 31 weeks

How far along? 31 weeks, 1 day - Only 9 weeks or less left 

Total weight gain/loss: 20 lbs and weighing in at 128, I've gained one more pound than 31 weeks with Hayden but I weighed more in total then. 

Maternity clothes? A little bit of everything, unfortunately lots of yoga pants and leggings

Stretch marks? Possibly a couple tiny ones on my belly

Symptoms: Lovely all-day heartburn & my sleep is messed up some nights due to it plus with a super active baby

Sleep: Not very good most nights

Best moment this week: Dinner out to Cheesecake Factory w/ Hannah & JP - I had the Mac & Cheese burger and it was delicious

Miss Anything? Good sleep & not having circles under my eyes

Movement: Still lots of movement!! Little guy is almost non-stop with kicking or punching

Food cravings: For some reason I've been craving sparkling jello jigglers

Anything making you queasy or sick: Just my heartburn now

Have you started to show yet:  Yes

Baby is a: Boy

Belly Button in or out? Flat

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: No more work outside of the home has majorly relaxed me

Looking forward to: My baby shower in 2 weeks 

What I'm reading: Just Feminine Appeal