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menus & goals this week

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menu plans for this week:


  • No plans set this week because mama is tired, that is why this post is super late but I have decided to post menu plans on Friday instead from now on.


We had Philly Cheesesteak Peppers on Monday w/ Alexia onion rings from the freezer aisle, our first time trying any of their products and mmm they were good.

I made


with the intention of making pizza on it but we kinda devoured it before that could happen.

Also made

Jalapeño & Cheese Pretzel Rolls

, these are quick and easy to make and also were devoured.

All bread doughs are mixed in my bread machine cause lets be honest I don't have time or patience to stand there and knead dough. We unfortunately might have a bread/carb addiction...


My brain hurts too much to think of things to do... but here are a couple things based off of last weeks goals.

  1. Finally order photos for Hayden's album & Project Life album

  2. Post Feminine Appeal review

  3. Finish new book

  4. Work out 2-4x this week

  5. Focus on getting my cleaning routines down

  6. List items to sell at Jbf Pleasanton

  7. Menu plan all of May out

  8. Enlist some sous chefs to help me with freezer meals to prep

  9. Wash couch covers

  10. Wash baby boys clothes


  1. Work on Hayden's baby album - organize & print - Big fat fail... every time I sit down to try and decide what pictures to print I get overwhelmed by the whole process, possibly due to the fact that I like to get Instagram pics printed from a different place than my other prints and I actually used to do all my printing at home but do not love the quality I was getting from my printer anymore.

  2. Catch up on Project life album - print photos, upload/edit new photos once a week - Once again printing is overwhelming me.

  3. Read 2.5 chapters left of Feminine Appeal & move on to next book - One goal down

  4. Work out 2-4x this week - Elliptical & lots of dancing with Hayden

  5. Get back to decluttering & purging our home based on the 52 Weeks to an Organized Home Schedule - Took lots of stuff to Goodwill, so I will count this as half done

  6. List items to sell at Jbf Pleasanton - must do asap

  7. 3 blog posts - nope

  8. Organize garage storage - Done yay

  9. Finish washing couch covers - not done

  10. Cook Hayden freezer meals from Survive Before 5: Toddler Meals for Your Busy Days eCookbook - not done

to get this week:

  • Color & Black cartridges for printing Project Life cards & printing tags for Jbf sale items... still to be done.