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Swing Hoarder
Whewww, 2ish weeks off from almost all media is really nice sometimes. I think we all need a break from so much stimulation occasionally. Now I wish I could say I had been vacationing in some tropical secluded location but I wasn't, more like working on my task list of before baby items. We also had a lot going on with Mothers day and my birthday, both of which were busy but a joy. 

Prego: Almost 37 weeks prego... I feel amazing other than my almost continuous heart burn/acid reflux & some hip pain. The hip pain I think is from how I have to sleep and from carrying Hayden on it. 

Fitness: I've stopped working out but still walk 2-3 times a week, usually to take Hayden to the playground or to peruse BabyGap & Anthropologie for sale items. Best and worse things having those 2 in walking distance. 

Reading: Bread & Wine at the moment, this book is really hitting my soul of how I want to live our family life really intentionally. 

Watching: The Great Gatsby in 3d, my first 3d movie was very enjoyed. I have a thing for the 20's and for visually decadent movies. 

Craving: All you can eat sushi, I don't not eat sushi when pregnant we just only go a couple times a year.