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currently:june 2014

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The past few months have been simply amazing, even with the trials we've faced recently... 

  • We are moving to a bigger place, which is amazing but they keep changing the move in date...
  • Zach is now 1! Waiting to have his party till after we move. He is such a sweet little boy with lots of hair. He's had 4 haircuts already! 
  • Hayden is silly, thoughtful and definitely going through a growth spurt, which seems to make her really grumpy & emotional sometimes. 
  • I turned 27! Started off my birthday weekend with a car accident but finished with great times with my family. I know its not normal but I love getting older.
  • I hosted a bridal shower for my best friend Hannah and it went well & was special to me and with all that is going on right now that was all I could ask for. My mom helped host and she was so happy to do that because she loves Hannah and knows how important she is to me & our family. 
  • The same day of the shower the kiddos were also dedicated at church. Was wonderful, long overdue and we love the meaning of dedicating our family to the Lord. 
  • We've had really fun times of fellowship the past 6 months at our new-old church. Ignited our old friendships back up and they are on fire. I became saved at that church and it has brought me back to being even more centered on Christ. 
  • I'm slowly working on my fitness & health and am seeing really great results and even better I'm feeling so much better with way more energy. Next month is gonna be big since I will be doing a joint PiYo challenge group with Michelle. 
  • Still slowly working on changing the blog to something fresher. It is desperately needed and why I haven't been writing as much.