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Hi! I am Emily Tucker -but formerly known as Emj because I am formerly Emily Marie JaquithSome still call me Emj or Emmers or Miss Em and even Auntie Emmy (at least my triplet nephews & niece plus little brother do), any of the above are a-okay with me!

 I am married to Patrick, the cheese to my macaroni... Literally, his jokes are cheesy in the best way possible and if he's not joking he's singing or making coffee (its his job, he's a S*bux manager and fave drink). and I am a new mama to a precious little lady a.k.a. Hayden, my tiny partner in crime (I mean activities ;) who happens to love to giggle and pinch. Ouch!
We happen to love the Lord! So much, that we decided to plant a church with some friends. Its crazy and fun and theres always something to do but its such a blessing to be able to bless others through Jesus!
Some random things I love -- Paris, Indian food, my Kindle/reading, leading women's book study group, cooking, making new items for my shop and my new love of working out, especially if I'm wearing Lululemon. 

You can reach me by email at:  emily@formerlyknownasemj.com