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Hayden's First Birthday Party: Part 3

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Here it is, finally the finale of our Hayden-boo girl's 1st birthday party and sadly now only a week away from her turning 13 months old. 

Warning: lots of photos

friends arriving

ladies mingling

cousins & auntie

playtime interlude

mylie + hayden = love & giggles

peek a boo

former grand girls

mama, what is going on?

now why is everyone staring at me?

why is that on f i r e?

really people, whats going on here?

m e s s y

this isn't that exciting... 

this pic could use some lasers and cats

We are beyond blessed with a fabulous support system made up of really amazing family and friends!

Hayden's First Birthday Party: Part 2

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Back again today with some more recap & how I planned out Hayden's first birthday.

Missed the first part on how the theme was inspired, read it HERE.

Next step... Plan Menu:

I wanted to take a little inspiration from the theme of the party, so most of the food choices are apple inspired.

Waffle sticks: cinnamon applejalapeno cheddar, Caramel dipping sauce, Veggies + ranch, PB/Apple butter sandwiches, Pretzels, Turkey Club wraps, Peanut Butter dip, Fruit to dip, Cole slaw, Italian Pasta salad, Baked Mac & Cheese Bites, Dwarf Dogs (mini corn dogs) and Caramel Apple cupcakes

All prepped and ready

Peanut butter dip & PB/Apple butter sandwiches

Cupcake smash cake - I made white pound cake from a box ;)

Almost all the food I was able to prep the night before plus some help from my sister-in-law.

Part 3 coming later this week...

-xo emily

Hayden's First Birthday Party: Part 1

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First birthdays are always the most important, even though its really a party for mommy and daddy surviving the first year. So of course I was on a mission to make Hayden's special but not crazy. I personally believe kids birthday parties should be simple and tasteful. I'm am very open (i.e. too open) with my dislike of typical themed kids parties, no generic Disney Princess or Cars theme here.  

Enter the inspiration: 

Clearance apple tablecloths from Target!

Apple tablecloth = Snow White poison appleish theme


Adorable invite I made! First ever I've made and had printed through Overnight Prints.

Beyond those 2 items I wasn't really worried about decor since we were having it at the park. If we had hosted at home I would have done more crafty things. 


Awesome bags found in the $1 dollar section at Target. Which I found after I had already made the invitations chevron background. Kinda freaked me out a little.. 
Contents: Caramel apple pops- normally I wouldn't give children candy but they fit with the theme too perfectly, Lip Smackers - in gender neutral sporty flavors w/ Spf 24 & food/dessert erasers from Target's kids party favor section.

...to be continued Monday!

-xo emily

Hayden - 1 year

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I haven't posted a Hayden update in 2 months and if you've been wondering why... It's because I'm in denial that she is now a 1 year old today!


I am in love with being your mommy and watching you grow a little bit everyday. 

You make me smile and laugh consistently, as like daddy you can be quite the silly one. 

Your grumpy face makes me giggle, sorry if you are trying to get sympathy. 

Your littleness has taught me to be a mommy, also sorry for the many things I screw up on daily. 

My little lady I am so proud of how strong you already are in many things: walking, talking, signing & a really good eater. 

Here's to hoping all other Tucker babies will be as easy as you have been!

Love, Mama

Hello big one year old!

Birthday Weekend Recap

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My actual birthday was spent lounging around and also watching many movies of my choice.

but the main one, was Chronicle. 

Kinda like Heroes, but more anti-hero and dangerous. 

We also watched I Love You, Man! I love Paul Rudd, so it was a win for me.

Plus a little bit of those two. New strawberry cake & creme donuts at Krispy Kreme and a weekly staple around here, Chipotle. Nom & Nom.


Had a perfect morning getting stuff done while Hayden slept in because shes teething..

Followed up by a perfect Giants game! Ellen, Kim, Hayden and I got to go to the A's vs. Giants game. Also it happened to be Hayden's first game post-in womb and lucky her we had primo club level seats in the shade. 

Fyi: Hayden is obviously the most authentic fan... Since she can already hold her sign so well! She was greatly offended by the man that kept placing his sign in front of her during her television debut. But being a true fan this did not thwart her from enjoying the game. 

Documented here. Clapping hands and dancing was involved. Some garlic fries, sweet potato fries, corn and regular dogs were consumed, its the shared CuppaKim/Emj rule of baseball. Go Giants! 


After the game Hayden enjoyed a nap while I journeyed to Target.

 Where I found a new little friend and some half off shorts for our impending trip to Palm Springs.

The middle cream one to be exact :)


The next part of the day was spent out with girlfriends to watch... 

I wasn't sure exactly what to expect, haha little pun, but was surprised to actually like it Jennifer Lopez and all... lol. Honestly the best are some of the dad parts and Cameron Diaz might actually be making a come back but no surprise Elizabeth Banks was the shining star. Bonus: Chace Crawford, had no clue he was in this but yay. 

All in all definitely my best birthday yet! Thanks for making a fabulous 25th birthday for me peeps!!

-xo Emily