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This girl...

Super cute, right?!

Imagine with me for a moment...
200,000 of little Hayden's sick & starving 
and not only that 
but stuck in caves - in rain, miles from refuge
but wait...

We don't have to imagine

because in the border region of Sudan right now there are babies, just like Hayden 
with other mommies, daddies, grandparents, aunts, uncles & cousins 

200,000 of them

when we waste & have too much every single day 
when we fret over allergies or a simple cold
Without Shelter...
when most people have a room to themselves and a sturdy roof over our heads

I ask you to support Sudan

I know its a hard thing to give up when it seems like we don't have enough
truth is : we do
even if you have lost a job or home, most are able to find refuge or food in America
but when it takes as little as 6 cents to feed a person a meal and get them on the road to recovery from starvation. 
How can we say no? 

Unfortunately the cost of food is not the big problem 
getting the food to the people is... 

Here's a little more information better said than I can:

Read more about Sudan

Please join in with us at Hope Church of San Mateo 

to support & pray for Sudan

Also be sure to spread the word