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This week has had many ups & downs unfortunately.. Hayden has some sort of cold and on top of that her sleep schedule and attitude are soooo off that I'm a bit at a loss of what to do with her. Even with my lack of sleep though I've only had 2 grumpy days, mainly Tuesday.


- I am seriously craving a burger from The Counter, which must be fulfilled soon. Suggestion: Beef 1/3 lb burger, on ciabatta or pretzel bun w/ herbed goat cheese or gruyere, baby spinach, black olives, smoked bacon with roasted garlic aioli or country buttermilk ranch plus side of pickle chips & the "fifty-fifty" of fries and sweet potato fries. Seriously so good but they have so many options, you can even choose to go bunless and put your burger on top of a salad.


- Since I am not worn out by my work hours anymore, I finally started to work out again today. I started a new prenatal work out program called Expecting More by Sara Haley which I will do a full review when I have done all 6 of the workouts on it.

Weekend Links

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I'm super excited for all that awaits me at the moment. This week was my last at work, we recently made the decision that I don't want to get to the point where I am a burden to the others  there (I worked at Starbucks, shorter shifts but its still a fast-paced on your feet non-stop job). This turn of events couldn't have come at a better time as Hayden had 2 nights this week where her schedule has been completely off, i.e. waking up in the middle of the night and staying up till 4 or so. Usually its from teething or growth spurts but we shall see... Here are some fun things I've found or have been thinking about this week.


- I am still in love with doing

Project Life

but I am really wanting to start a monthly scrapbooking group to do Project Life with. I get even more creative and excited when I craft with others and you can't beat the fellowship of other crafters. I love that Project Life is really whatever you want it to be: simple/intricate, daily/weekly/monthly.  I'm a little behind from last year but hope to finish it up soon & will be starting my 2013 album too. Plus making baby books for my little boos. Here is a little video about Project Life...


- Make




together plus your favorite side dish and you seriously won't regret it. Bonus: you can double the shredded chicken in your crock pot to freeze for other dishes or for a repeat another night.

November 2011

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Where has this year gone?! I have a 3 and a half month old and less than 2 away from a new year...

Some lovely things coming this month

- An especially adorable couple, Cari & Jordan are getting married in a library (jealous of that awesomeness) on the 19th. 

- THANKSgiving!! I'm not gonna lie to you I mainly love it for the food!

- Finally its starting to feel more like Fall?! I was expecting this hmm about a month ago.. but I'll take it anytime. 

- My computer background pick for this month is from



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- Loving this months computer wallpaper calendar from Free People
- I'm throwing a girls get together this month involving Crafts & Cocktails and have decided I want to host one every season. So excited for the fun time that will be had. 
- Halloween: not that we really celebrate it but its Hayden's first fun holiday and she will be dressed up as a zebra! 
- Hello rain! I'm so happy that we are finally having fall weather, its my fave.
- I've been crafting again but this time to start a business!? I felt the need to craft and have always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Shop name: Little Bitty by Emj and I will be selling hair accessories for women and girls. Only problem is deciding if I want to start on Etsy and then switch to Big Cartel or just start on Big Cartel or just be on both. Either way I need to create graphics or find someone that can do them for free/cheap cause I'm on a budget.. and I'm not sure what I want to do for that.. Any ideas for me? 

links & things

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Yay, its almost September!! I love Fall and the Back to School time of year. It happens to be my fav-O-rite! 

Here are some fun links & things for September / Fall 

Get this Uber-cute coffee grinder computer background from WildOlive

A collective of Fall crafts. What could be better?!

Mmm extra delicious French onion soup, I must make this asap!

Please try these as soon as available. 

Trust me you won't regret it! 

Plus there is also a Caramel Apple one too... Dangerous.

Who wouldn't love this Sweater Dress for the tiny lady in your life 

Then you can snuggle her :)

A great reminder for everyday from the super Julie Carson!

I am constantly comparing and evaluating myself (my biggest fault)..

I really needed this

Loving this Floral Tank & Shawl Sweater combo

The floral puts a spin on Fall brights and who doesn't love a nubby knit!