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I don't

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I don’t…

Treat Hayden like she's the first kid

Eat eggs or much chocolate, other than reeses or pretzel crack

Like to drive around town, I would much rather drive far or just walk

Wash my hair more than 1-2x a week

Always utilize my time wisely

Always get it right

Put myself out there enough, I'm truly a homebody & introvert so its hard for me to remember to plan to  do things with people even though I always want to

Like having to be decisive about food options

Know how anyone can live without caffeine or bacon

Always like how I view myself as a person but I do love that I have a really strong body image & always have, I may be more fit now but I haven't always been

Know how single moms do it all & am so proud to be raised by one

Put many restrictions on what I eat & when, for me moderation & portion control are key plus some fab workouts

Get much sleep during the last few months of pregnancy, due to heartburn & freakish nesting

Ever really wear red unless its in a print

Have any clue what we are naming little man & its seriously frustrating me

Ever know what to do with my hair

How about you? What are your don’ts?

Hey! It's May!!

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Calendar by Caroline Johansson

What's up?

-My first Mother's day with baby-out-of-body :)

-My 25th birthday!!! I know I'm not that old but I really do like getting older minus the new lines on my forehead and don't try to tell me they aren't there... I'm thinking about making a list of goals for my next year of life- maybe give me some inspired ideas 

-Hardcore planning the little lady's first birthday party

-Tossing around some new ideas for our women's book club for this summer but we have locked down this book as our choice 

xo- emily

Happy April

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Hey its April! How did that happen?

Check out that cute computer background 

What's up?

-Unfortunately its been a little slow around here (in blogger-land) but hopefully thats due to it being really busy (in real life). Also I've been taking a lot of thoughtful thinking time about the direction and content of  this little blog & shop.

-I have an almost 9 month old :( and only 3 months to plan a fabulous 1st birthday par-tay.. Theme decided and a few details too but its time to get workin'. She's getting too big and less baby-like!

-Church Garage & Bake sale and Homeschool conference all in one day- should be interesting to see how I juggle that one ;)

-April 28th I'm hosting an (in)RL meet-up at our home and I'm super excited to fellowship, watch the speakers, snack and party with new and old friends. 

Busy month but lots of fun ahead!

xo- emily

This Week

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Am Listening To:


The Digi Scrap Show

: Episode where Becky Higgins discusses how Project Life was started and her scrapbooking career.. its a good listen check it out 

-My baby girl snoring on the couch :)

Am Watching:

-Vampire Diaries: I just might be obsessed with vampires but this show rocks and um not to mention some cute guys. 

-Biggest Loser: as always I love this show and glad Anna Kournikova<=Probably spelled wrong, is not back but still miss Jillian!! 

-What's Your Number: Cheesy funny and chick flicky but I loved it!

-The Ides of March: Love a good political movie, would have liked a little more resolution at the end but oh well. 

Am Reading:

-A Sane Woman's Guide to Raising a Large Family by Mary Ostyn: loving this book its a great family reference.. large family or not.

-Family Feasts for $75 a Week by Mary Ostyn: lots of great ideas in this one so far too. 

Am Thinking About:

-My personal struggles with fear and dislike.

Want To Do:

-Get scrappin more and get Hayden to sleep through the night but I'm not gonna bother trying to get to that second item.. lol..