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We Love Mat!!

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I feel like this might be an understatement... 

because honestly I listen to at least 3 of his songs if not full multiple albums, multiple times per day and he is on every playlist I make. Hayden even seems to like his songs. 

This past Wednesday some of my lovely ladies and I went out for my first baby free girls night!

Sidenote: I love going to the city (San Francisco, for those of you that don't know which city I am referring to).. I reallllly don't do it enough, considering I live less than 30 minutes away.

Our plan was to hit up the Panera in Millbrae before the concert. Panera is always a special treat cause its slightly expensive for lunch/the size of the meal.

I almost always get the You Pick 2 - with Apple Chicken Salad & Tomato Mozzarella Sandwich but I was daring and tried the Thai Chopped Chicken Salad plus my T&M Sandwich. I always wish there was the option for a full sandwich and a half salad but there is not. Darn you, Panera Bread!

I would eat the Thai Chopped Chicken Salad again but probably not often...

It was a little florally tasting and too much barely cooked sweet potato chunks.


After Panera, we headed straight to the city to the secret parking garage - which unfortunately is not so  secret anymore.

However, we got to the Warfield early enough to secure front row spots.

After suffering a little bit through the opening act and some impatient waiting while they reset the stage, we finally got to see Our Mat. He really puts on a fabulous show and even more awesome now with his newest cd - Young Love.


and I have seen him twice now and thoroughly enjoyed both shows. It's a very clean, family friendly and fun time to be had.