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must haves for pregnancy

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Pregnancy Must Haves @ formerlyknownasemj.com


1. My fave water bottle of the moment & love that it has a filter built into it. 2. Zantac Mint because Tums don't work for me. 3. Hands down the best pregnancy workouts & I'm definitely a new Tracy devotee. 4. Prenatal gummy vitamins, don't even bother trying to take regular ones if you have even a hint of morning sickness. 5. Flow & Go Crops, the most stretchy workout wear ever and have a great waistband that flexes with your growing bump. 6.  Linen Pants, comfy & breathable trust me that you want these. 7. Tanks in Tall, I personally don't love the ruched side maternity tanks so my trick is to get regular ones in tall lengths. 8. Kindle app, always a fave but even more during prego insomnia. 9. Swedish Fish, the fact that I still can't distinguish what the flavor is appalling since I have had a few lbs of these this pregnancy. 10. Popcorn, we don't have a microwave so I always make it from scratch & please you should too because its 12 million times better and is always the best plus most versatile snack pregnant or not.