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Birthday Weekend Recap

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My actual birthday was spent lounging around and also watching many movies of my choice.

but the main one, was Chronicle. 

Kinda like Heroes, but more anti-hero and dangerous. 

We also watched I Love You, Man! I love Paul Rudd, so it was a win for me.

Plus a little bit of those two. New strawberry cake & creme donuts at Krispy Kreme and a weekly staple around here, Chipotle. Nom & Nom.


Had a perfect morning getting stuff done while Hayden slept in because shes teething..

Followed up by a perfect Giants game! Ellen, Kim, Hayden and I got to go to the A's vs. Giants game. Also it happened to be Hayden's first game post-in womb and lucky her we had primo club level seats in the shade. 

Fyi: Hayden is obviously the most authentic fan... Since she can already hold her sign so well! She was greatly offended by the man that kept placing his sign in front of her during her television debut. But being a true fan this did not thwart her from enjoying the game. 

Documented here. Clapping hands and dancing was involved. Some garlic fries, sweet potato fries, corn and regular dogs were consumed, its the shared CuppaKim/Emj rule of baseball. Go Giants! 


After the game Hayden enjoyed a nap while I journeyed to Target.

 Where I found a new little friend and some half off shorts for our impending trip to Palm Springs.

The middle cream one to be exact :)


The next part of the day was spent out with girlfriends to watch... 

I wasn't sure exactly what to expect, haha little pun, but was surprised to actually like it Jennifer Lopez and all... lol. Honestly the best are some of the dad parts and Cameron Diaz might actually be making a come back but no surprise Elizabeth Banks was the shining star. Bonus: Chace Crawford, had no clue he was in this but yay. 

All in all definitely my best birthday yet! Thanks for making a fabulous 25th birthday for me peeps!!

-xo Emily

We Love Mat!!

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I feel like this might be an understatement... 

because honestly I listen to at least 3 of his songs if not full multiple albums, multiple times per day and he is on every playlist I make. Hayden even seems to like his songs. 

This past Wednesday some of my lovely ladies and I went out for my first baby free girls night!

Sidenote: I love going to the city (San Francisco, for those of you that don't know which city I am referring to).. I reallllly don't do it enough, considering I live less than 30 minutes away.

Our plan was to hit up the Panera in Millbrae before the concert. Panera is always a special treat cause its slightly expensive for lunch/the size of the meal.

I almost always get the You Pick 2 - with Apple Chicken Salad & Tomato Mozzarella Sandwich but I was daring and tried the Thai Chopped Chicken Salad plus my T&M Sandwich. I always wish there was the option for a full sandwich and a half salad but there is not. Darn you, Panera Bread!

I would eat the Thai Chopped Chicken Salad again but probably not often...

It was a little florally tasting and too much barely cooked sweet potato chunks.


After Panera, we headed straight to the city to the secret parking garage - which unfortunately is not so  secret anymore.

However, we got to the Warfield early enough to secure front row spots.

After suffering a little bit through the opening act and some impatient waiting while they reset the stage, we finally got to see Our Mat. He really puts on a fabulous show and even more awesome now with his newest cd - Young Love.


and I have seen him twice now and thoroughly enjoyed both shows. It's a very clean, family friendly and fun time to be had.

Weekend Plans

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Over this past weekend Hayden & I flew down to So Cal for our first ever blogging conference - Blog Sugar!

A what?! 

Yes, you read that right and yes those do happen. A lot of them actually. 

I've always thought it would be fun to go to one and then I heard from Jess and Kim that they might go to this one. So I asked if me and the little lady could tag along and we did.

So the weekend adventure began on Saturday...

First Hayden and I got dropped off at SFO by my sweet and wonderfully helpful mom-in-law. Everything went very smoothly, too smoothly because we got checked in less than 15 minutes and then had nothing to do for 2 hours while we waited to board our plane. During which Hayden decided to wake up and play but made great friends with the airport security guys. Flight there - fed her, a little fussy, then passed out. I even did for a little bit.

We landed and were picked up by the girls and then headed to late lunch at Cafe Rio with everyone else staying at Julie's house plus the lovely Drew B and baby Kennedy. Cafe Rio was super yum - kinda a mix between Chipotle, Baja Fresh and Coldstone (they sing when you ask for extra things I think). After lunch we went to my second coffee love - Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. I got their summer special blended drink - Honeydew Melon.

After settling in a little bit at Julie's gorgeous house. The speakers headed to dinner at Andrea's house and we headed to Fashion Island, met up with some other bloggers and ate at Cheesecake Factory. Love their new "Skinny" menu! I had the chicken samosas.  Once back at the house we chatted some more and eventually went to bed.

The big day... Sunday!

While planning our trip the girls had the genius idea for us all to go to Dry Bar. Who doesn't like to get primped and pretty a little bit plus one less thing for me to pack.

It was really fun to experience. I love me some relaxation and I think Hayden did too! She sat on my lap quietly observing the process. My girl doing my hair was really sweet and patient since I had baby with me. They serve complimentary drinks (I had flavored water) and have a chick flick type of movie playing plus fun music.

Some girls got their makeup done after that but Kim and I went to Barnes & Noble so I could buy a copy of Mollie Makes and then headed to grab a bite to eat. Jess then met up with us and we headed for Blog Sugar!


and then we arrived!

I was hot and someone little spit-up all down my back. Good thing I brought another shirt! So our time didn't start off that great plus I know events like this involve mingling but I'm horribly shy in these situations and feel like a loser. Hay-baby and I headed to the bathroom and saw all this adorableness on the way.

I was really excited for my sessions though!

I chose :
1. Sarah Markley - Carving Out Your Space: Finding your unique niche in blogging while connecting with your readers
2. Lindsey Cheney - The Juggling Act: Learning to balance a successful business , family and self
3. Julie Carson & Jeannett Gibson - Blogging For Good: Using your blog for a greater good

I have been transformed, inspired and really encouraged by all my sessions and by keynote speaker Meg Duerksen. This weekend came at just right time, things have already been shaking up over here in content and even more will be changing once I get all my ideas down on paper. 

p.s. Don't wear a chiffon shirt while breastfeeding, you will get milk on it and have spots... Now I know!

Pictures provided by Kimberlee Grover aka A Cuppa Kim plus a couple from the iPhone :)