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Writing is hard but I always feel called back to it, like Gatsby to the green light. Writing is emotional and takes emotion to do and for someone not always in touch with their own emotions it takes digging and cracking to reach to the marrow of my bones and willingness to leave my heart open on a page. It almost doesn’t matter about the fact that everyone can read what I’ve written because maybe they might have some introspection I don’t have on myself or the topic I’m writing about. 


Not having crazy emotions most of the time means I can do things well that can be hard for those that are deeply attached to their emotions. This is how I can write & speak bluntly, purge my house easily, detach from hurts that people have done to me & watch This Is Us without crying most of the time. But this also makes me not feel as womanly sometimes cause I don’t meet some stereotypes. I also struggle to meet my kids emotional needs. Also at times it makes me dwell on if circumstances in my life have brought this emotional distance onto me even more, like a self preservation tactic. Maybe it’s why I’ve become terrible at printing pictures or even looking at old ones.


I don’t think I’m the only one that is working hard at learning to be emotional but it does feel like a lonely road. Some people’s emotions take up the whole room and suffocate the rest of us. I’ve always known that I’m an empath, which is a funny combo with my low emotional status. I have to be careful how much darkness I take in because it can take me down.


How do we find the balance in a broken world? Now I don’t have correct answers but these are things I know right now for my own balance...

I need to begin to write all the time and share it even if it scares the shit out of me some days. 

I have the gift of creating order & organizing and want to bestow that to others to have life giving homes & businesses. 

I must dwell in community with other believers even though I’ve been burnt & have burned others in the past. 

I cannot and will not live life keeping my story silent & locked inside to harbor negativity, that has already done enough damage in the past.  

Begin to say yes to adventures & be okay with feeling scared when I do new things.  

Believe in the good and that it will come even in trials sometimes. 

Family is everything, even if it’s not your nuclear family.  

God is greater than all the bullshit we have gone through and will continue to go through. He is unfailing, consistant, merciful and best of all forgiving.  


Here's your invitation to be scared with me, to share and do it anyway, live free in Christ & from peoples perceptions & expectations of you and let grace cover it all because life is short. 



crockpot curry chicken soup

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This winter has been hard on all of us but especially me. Most days, I'm on fire and motivated by my goals and others I just want to stay in pjs all day. One thing that has started to become a staple of our weeks is soup sundays. Soup fills that warmth in me I'm usually lacking on lazy days. The kids rarely partake in soup eating (eyeroll emoji...), so don't feel bad if your kids don't eat soup cause ours won't either. 

Curry Chicken Soup
  • 6 cups chicken broth
  • 1 cup canned coconut milk
  • 2 frozen chicken breasts
  • 4 tb of butter
  • 1 can of garbanzo beans, rinsed & drained
  • 1 can of cannellini beans, rinsed & drained
  • 1 onion diced
  • 3 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1 Tb curry powder
  • 1 tsp turmeric
  • 1 tsp garam masala
  • 1 cup orzo pasta, can be substituted with rice or lentils
  • salt & pepper to taste

step 1: Pour chicken broth & coconut milk in crockpot and place frozen chicken breasts in the liquid. Turn crockpot on high for 2-4 hours or on low for 4-6 hours. 

step 2: Place butter in pan to melt on med-high. Put chopped onions & garbanzo beans in pan to brown after butter has melted. Once those have browned (4-6 minutes) add in the garlic and spices. Spices bloom when they are heated, especially curry. Once the garlic is translucent and lightly browned, remove pan from heat and scrape into the crockpot. Pour in cannellini beans at this time and add additional salt & pepper to taste. 

step 3: Once half way cooked, the chicken should be pulled out to shred or chop. Put chicken back in after and now pour in the orzo or substituted grain. When the orzo puffs up from soaking up the broth the soup is ready. enjoy & devour. 

-This can be frozen but I suggest leaving out the orzo or other grain until it is reheating. Pastas and grains in soups do not freeze well. 

Crockpot Curry Chicken Soup at Formerly Known as Emj

the 6

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Weekly things on my mind.


Still lusting after this. 


#foodgoals right there. I have the urge to replicate & just stare at this for hours.

Everything Apologia church & their different ministries put out is wonderful but now that they are in the nighttime "TV" realm they've become even better. It's not easy to be funny, God honoring plus earnestly call people out in one show. 


I've been very hesitant to jump fully on the essential oil bandwagon.. I only have a couple roll-ons that I got at Target for use on kids, which I love btw but I really love the way scent can effect my mood. These don't officially launch until next month but I'm thinking I want them all. A Beautiful Mess/Oui Fresh also have a new natural beauty box & other items launching this Fall. 

We just finished season 1 of Westworld! Soooo I normally hate AI movies, etc. but this is so different and a creepy wonderfulness. Plus such a killer cast, pun intended. I have a love/hate with HBO shows but this one was worth it. 


Crack in soup form. Our whole family devours and loves this stuff. Make it now. 

monthly wrap-up & goals

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this month:

july was crazy, busy, relaxing, stressful and wonderful. all at the same time but feeling so much peace and joy. leaving the bay area was by far the hardest and I think best decision we've ever made. it hurts our hearts to leave the area we were born & raised in but we are already making strides of progress and having tons of fun here. the pace of life is slower & simultaneously kinder than the bay. we have already spent time with my cousins twice this month, my mom came two weekends, we had our first date night, I had a ladies night in, and we attended a church that was enjoyed by the whole family. still sort of midway through unpacking & decorating. have to make an enjoyable/dreaded Ikea trip to hopefully finish up our home stuff needs. I haven't worked out all month but have been so busy and sweating that I haven't gained weight but I can tell my strength is lame right now. 


exercise daily - 30 min

write monthly blog content calendar 

1 hour decluttering/purging/unpacking daily - purge focus: clothes, crafts & toys

powersheets august prep

meal plan breakfasts & lunches & dinners - veryyyyy tired of eating out except Sonic cause its a love & addiction

get kids back into morning & bedtime routines

write new cleaning routine - more rooms = new schedule

get library cards

finalize homeschool plans for first 6 weeks 

make sure I have all supplies I will need for first couple weeks of school 

start school gently



bible daily - minimum 15 min

The Life Giving Home - 1 chapter a day

Stuck - for women's Bible study group

Dance, Stand, Run - for launch team



listen to podcasts while washing dishes & other tasks



proactive & less reactive



give me ideas! I'm soooo loathing cooking lately. I always feel uninspired in summer since I'm more a fall/winter cook. 

weekly wrap-up

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this week:

it was pretty good but with normal ups & downs. Lets just say I was really ready for spring break. Lilah is getting her 5th and 6th teeth and is a big grump, which has interrupted our normal routine. we had a very relaxed and mostly enjoyable spring break. best part was getting my hair done. we also had a memorial for Patrick's great aunt Ruth who passed in December at 100 yrs old, it was relaxed and nice to celebrate the life of such a tenacious & kind woman. 



exercise daily - 30 min

write monthly blog content calendar 

15 min daily decluttering/purging

finish powersheets prep

meal plan breakfasts & lunches - i've noticed that i'm more unprepared in these areas lately

work on Lilah's nap schedule



bible daily - minimum 15 min

The Life Giving Home - 1 chapter a day

Chasing Slow - 1 chapter a day



listen to one sermon

listen to podcasts while washing dishes



present. i'm struggling with being present and not thinking about all i have to do lately. i am in a bit of a overwhelmed rut, where i feel like i'm taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back with everything. i'm really proud of how i am progressing but with lots of change happening this year i really want to be on top of things more. part of the problem is that i'm really anxious about our move this summer.



creamy white chicken chili

chili dog tacos w/roasted potatoes & cauliflower

chicken parmesan w/ pasta & broccoli 

potstickers w/ rice & stir-fry veggies


the 6

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Weekly 6 - Sheologians, Kinsa, Hello Toothpaste www.formerlyknownasemj.com

I love podcasts everyday, all day. They are what gets me through mundane tasks like cleaning my toilet and doing dishes. Now I almost hate to admit this but my husband just found me, hands down my most favorite one. Sheologians is amazing and I swear Summer & Joy are my soul twins (minus that they aren't fans of romcoms). They are telling it like it is, in about 30 minutes in a very theologically sound way. 

With cold & flu season ahead of us this is a must have. I don't know what it is but I tend to get the flu every few years but in the summer instead of normal flu season. This summer I got us the Kinsa Elmo Ear Thermometer and it was such a great investment.

A few weeks ago we were low on our toothpaste, so I tried the kids Crest watermelon toothpaste and was completely grossed out. I knew after that I needed to change our toothpaste brand. I love Hello toothpaste - the extra whitening for us & the mint fluoride free for the kids. I feel great using toothpaste without weird stuff in it and that isn't sugary. 

Weekly 6 - Influence network, ON Vote tee, 13th documentary www.formerlyknownasemj.com

I love the way Jess Connolly communicates & this class is a must watch!

This presidential election I voted for this t-shirt.

You should watch this documentary. Now I don't agree with everything in it but I do agree with most of it and it stays mostly non-partisan.