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How life passes by and you forget the thing you wanted to do

Update of last years resolutions..

-Waking up early: this has worked out very well since the jobs I have worked have all been early jobs.

-Cleaning plan: still not where I want it to be yet but I am at least keeping up for the most part. It is a lot easier keeping up my own house than the one I lived at with my Mom and our room mate. Still no dishwasher lol.. but dishes aren't as annoying now.

-Menu plans: also not where I want them to be but I am planning a little bit more in advance but we've been so busy with holiday stuff and hanging with friends we are barely at home..

-Scrapbooking: def took a backseat

-Take Pictures: there has been more of that

-workout 3x a week: I was good on this off and on throughout the first half of the year

2010 goals will be posted later today