Emily Tucker

Fashion Fall Wishlist

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These incredible Foxy Tights from Anthropologie

I have wanted this Classic Trench Coat from Banana Republic for the past 2-3 years. It is definitely the only one that I have seen worth the price it is. 

These boots are taunting me... I swear or maybe just my husband is for me even thinking of wearing fringe. But I'm seriously in lust over these Minnetonka 3-layer Fringe Boots 

So this past month I started watching Mad Men and I'm now in season 3. I fell in love with Joan's pen necklace and the show. This is a vintage inspired pen necklace, it also comes in different stone colors.

These new Converse Slim Low Chuck Taylors are intriguing and must be tried on before any decision could be made but I really like the idea of them.

Oh how I have loved thee necklace and have just found thee at half the price :)

Okay, so this is actually a diaper bag. Obviously the coolest diaper bag.

I heart Hello Kitty & Nerds