Emily Tucker

14 weeks & 15 weeks

Emily TuckerComment

  • How far along; 15 weeks
  • Weighty Issues: gained back 1 lb so far, need to gain a couple more before I feel I can workout again but from now on I should gain almost a pound a week anyways
  • Stretch Marks: None that I have noticed
  • Sleep: Some nights suck, I wake up a lot. Considering I used to maybe wake up one time, once a week its a drastic difference
  • Best Moment this week: not being nauseous
  • Food Commentary: lots of cravings for fruit and salty things, also a lot of my normal faves sound odd to me, like popcorn is now not as tasty
  • Maternity Clothes: wearing a mix of clothes still since a lot of my shirts are longer already, wearing pre-prego jeans un-buttoned
  • Belly Button In or Out: more stretched
  • What I miss: not much other than my Bible study group
  • What I'm looking forward to: Everything, I'm ready to buy the crib and bedding and pick out names
  • Weekly Wisdom: Sleep more, which I fully achieved yesterday with the longest nap ever
  • Weekly WTF: 
  • Nesting: um its really hard not to shop at work, only buying unisex things isn't that fun either
  • Milestones: definitely showing now