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2010-the book list

Emily TuckerComment
So heres the update on what books I finished last year:

-Treasuring God in Our Traditions
-The First 90 Days of Marriage
-Sink Reflections
-The Teashop Girls
-Kitchen Confidential
-Miserly Moms
-The Girls From Ames
-The Carrie Diaries
-Start Your Family
-What to Expect Before You're Expecting
-Twenties Girl
-MacArthur Acts Bible Study
-Shopaholic and Baby
-Mini Shopaholic

14 books in total finished and who knows how many unfinished. I kinda have that problem where you start a book, take a break from it and not come back to it till a year later and you then have to re-read what you already read. 

Already working on a list for this year... we shall see how that goes definitely will be less than previous years since our baby is due in July. But look for that list coming soon.