Emily Tucker

24 weeks

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  • Weight Issues: Still on track, probably could stand to gain a little more even. Biggest goal this week is to up my fluid intake.

  • Stretch Marks: None.. yayayayay!

  • Sleep: I've been taking more naps to help equate with the lack of sleep at night. Horrible heartburn episodes some nights where I basically wake up coughing and spitting out heartburn spit, lovely right?!

  • Best Moment this week: Just the general hope I have for the future of our family

  • Food: Enjoying lots of carbs, omega 3's and some protein mixed in this past week was a much better food week. Just have to get back to my breakfast routine.

  • Clothes: Yoga pants have been good to me. More consistent good weather would allow me to bust out more leggings and dresses, one can only hope.

  • Belly Button: It is squishy and the rest of my belly is firm. Weird contrast between the two.

  • What I miss: Nothing.

  • What I’m looking forward too: Possible babymoon to Chi-town where we will visit friends, experience a new city and celebrate my 24th!

  • Weekly Wisdom: Family first

  • Weekly WTH: I had a toothache, not fun... but it went away which is great since I don't have dental insurance right now plus i'm beginning to live off of Tums. *Awesome pregnancy fact: the more heartburn you have the more hair baby will have*

  • Nesting: Cooking more, cleaning more and actually staying on top of the laundry. Something is definitely different.

  • Milestones: What, what... Baby is the length of corn

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