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Hayden - 2 months

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Eeek! I cannot fathom that my baby girl is already 2 months old. I love it though! She is at the point where she is looking and acting less newborn and just baby. Every day with her has been so fun, even the times where she won't stop crying.. usually because she is tired and refuses to sleep. Thats alright I will temporarily live on coffee and enjoy this time while it lasts. To be honest and fair she does seem to get better everyday.

The last time Hayden wore a newborn size outfit

I meant to finish up this post last week but it has been crazy here with weddings, showers, preparing for  

Blog Sugar '11. Then I figured might as well wait till her 2 month check-up.

My Uncle Ron & the tiny chubbers

Hayden's appointment went so well yesterday! I was a little nervous about  how she would do with her shots, she had 3 plus some meds by feeding. Um hello best baby ever, cried for maybe 30 seconds and then promptly fell asleep on daddy. She did really well before that during the regular part  of her appointment too. Really though the most exciting part is finding out how much she weighs.... Hayden is just a tad over 12 pounds but get this for her weight she is in

76 percentile! However... She is only 21.5 inches lol coming in the 14th percentile. Poor girl is definitely going to be short like me and there is no doubt that the whole breastfed thing is workin' for her.

The girl is chubby, for sure!

The comments from people we get the most about you are: how strong you are - which you are crazy strong, you hold your head up like its nothing, how chubby you are, how good you are - especially at church, and how

sweet/cute you are - thats the most recent one, now that you are beginning to show others your personality and smiles more 

You love your play mat!

Things you love:

  • Your bug rattle, play mat and baby doll

  • Sleeping in your bunny bouncer

  • Music

  • Car rides

  • Snuggling

  • Being outside

  • Listening to Mommy read

  • Staring at Mommy while she eats

Things you hate:

  • Being naked

  • Not being held or next to someone

  • The car being parked

  • When Mommy take too long to do something

  • Cold wipes and hands

  • Sleeping alone

  • Pacis

  • When Mommy is cooking

The best thing of all is seeing you smile