Emily Tucker

Hayden - 5 mos & 6 mos

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My baby girl isn't so baby anymore and now I almost want another tiny newborn.. almost. but not yet.

- She's eating baby oatmeal and pears that I made her everyday now. I need to add a vegetable and a 2nd feeding to her day but it has been way harder to be regular with her one feeding than I thought it would be. Problem is it has nothing to do with her and everything to do with how well I feed myself.. I sadly usually skip lunch and often times breakfast consists of coffee..

- We feel like she will start crawling at any moment but for the time being she prefers pushing her self backwards or into a push-up position. 

- She has been sitting almost completely without help for a while now I have to keep my eye on her though because she likes to lean back and we


have really old hardwood floors.

- Hayden is rather talkative and becomes super social in most settings after a little bit of warming up to people time. 

- Since the addition of her big girl crib instead of her co-sleeper she takes all naps in it. With the exception of a few this past week because she hasn't been feeling so great from teething and a flu shot last week. 

- Christmas: H's first Christmas was a hit! She loved ripping paper from her presents and then eating it. 

Now to begin working on her birthday party.. Less than 6 months to go.