Emily Tucker

Hayden - 9 mos

Emily TuckerComment

You are more and more a little person but less and less a little baby. Its so exciting to watch you grow  and learn but I miss the tinyness that you were. 

Things you like
  • Other babies and kids, especially new baby Abi!
  • Tickles 
  • Practicing walking with Mama
  • Playing in your mini Pack'n'Play 
  • Watching Blues Clues 
  • Food: basically anything I allow you to eat but especially guacamole
  • Shoes and Jewelry. You are definitely a girl!
  • Going on walks 
  • Going to the park
  • Spending time with your Gramma's 
Things you're doing 
  • Getting into everything! 
  • Clapping 
  • Trying to walk
  • Cruising more
  • Trying to stand on your own
  • Saying: Dada all the time & Mama sometimes
Things you don't like
  • When I take something away from you
  • Putting on sunscreen
  • Diaper & clothing changes, you used to be really good at them and now not so much
  • Teething

-xo emily