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Coming out of the Baby Haze...

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turned 6 weeks old yesterday. It seriously goes by way too fast but there is something special about this boy. I've been trying to savor every moment with him, we are 80% sure he won't be the last Tucker baby but you never know. He is a milk beast... & now weighs 10 lb. He also really likes to spit up and drool on me. Mama's boy might be an understatement. 



will be 2 next week, I might cry. We are keeping it low key this year. Planning for a fun day trip with her cousins next week though. She is funny and frightening all at the same time. Tantrums come and go. Mine is the new word of the week unfortunately.. but the other new thing 12ish smothering kisses in a row is the best. 

- I ordered 6 months of pictures for my project life album, so be on the lookout for pages and bits of my scrapbooking process soon. Time to get cracking on my studio calico project life kits. 

- Reading Bread & Wine still

- Bart strike = lame 

- If you like oatmeal make this => 

Overnight, Slow Cooker, Banana & Coconut Milk Steel-Cut Oatmeal

but if you don't make this =>

Fancy Mac & Cheese instead

Insta-Friday February

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I've been taking some breaks from Instagram this year, as I have with Twitter already. I love both of these apps but I yearn for a slower pace in this busy season. 

Funny girl loves pictures but somehow does not recognize herself yet

Brownie Waffles: don't bother unless you like chocolate biscotti

Morning baba & obsession of Aristocats

Sassafras face

July in an Insta

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#itsmonday & I lit the wrong burner - 4th of July wore her out - Monkey muffins - Chalkboard proverbs - this girl is a toddler - floats with friends - Ruby & Hayden - daddy's girl - HMB for her first time - Morning routine: baba, blankie & ponies the little variety

-xo emily

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