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Mug Swapping 2012

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Woot woot! A little mug swap recap right here & you can hit up Kim's

#mugswap linky here

Failure to take a before mailing picture...

I was assigned to mail a mug to

Miss Chelsea of Glimpse of Joy

I mailed her this versatile tea to-go mug (available from amazon and urban outfitters), an assortment of my fave tazo loose bagged teas, a crocheted coaster made by moi & and of course some little bitty clips for her new little lady.


Michelle of michmash had me to send to

She sent me this uber-fun chalkboard bubble mug & yummy cocoa mixes that I'm dying to try! The darn evil warm weather came back... I've been having a lot of fun writing silly things to the hubs on the mug so far and I know he will at some point too.

Thank you Kim for putting together such a fun swap! & thank you Michelle for my mug and treats!

-xo Emily