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20 weeks

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How far along: 20 weeks

Weighty Issues: Still right on track but I am definitely losing muscle. I must be diligent and start working out.. I already have a dvd to do and everything! No excuses!

Sleep:  Has been downright horrible! Issues falling asleep, issues staying asleep, issues... plus charley horse and weird dreams while sleeping, ugh!

Best Moment this week: Best and worst is knowing I'm half done. I am loving being pregnant but I'm sure I will love it when baby is here. I've hoped and dreamed of being a mother since I was a little girl. Also had a great convo with one of my regular customers at work she was so encouraging, she had her son 2 months ago and had a rough time through her pregnancy and birth/healing after but was so positive about the whole situation and has this immense joy about just being a mother. Hubs and I went through biblical baby names lists, it was hilarious. p.s. baby names are hard to choose. 

Food Commentary: No more cravings, I miss them. Well except for one....


!!! I love me some meat. I could never be a vegetarian or vegan. I have a hunger for meat and cheese way too often. 

Maternity Clothes: Almost given up on my pre-prego jeans they just feel weird but I was already a lover of tunic style tops so almost all my pre-prego shirts are wearable. 

Belly Button In or Out: Flat, its kinda cool. 

What I miss: Other than my 1st trimester cravings. Warm weather-is desperately missed I feel so cold lately, I swear its a more intense coldness. 

What I'm looking forward to: Still waiting on my insurance stuff to come through so no gender scan yet.. I really feel like I'm missing out not knowing what baby is.. Originally, I had the feeling that it was a boy but now I'm unsure. Registering is basically done, I personally don't do it in stores because I always feel awkward and I like to research while making my choices. Thankfully I chose all unisex stuff anyways because I want to be able use it for future babies. 

Weekly Wisdom: Do what I want, sometimes you just have to sleep in cause you can. 

Weekly WTH: I have been a crying machine the past couple of weeks.. a little sensitive lol. 

Nesting: Haven't bought anything at work in a week! This is a huge accomplishment, sadly. 

Milestones: Baby was a busy-body this week in the belly :) love it!

p.s. belly pics to come soon, I promise