Emily Tucker

22 weeks

Emily Tucker3 Comments

  • Weighty Issues:  123 this week, on track holla! so happy to be gaining right and not gaining too much. This tool on babycenter.com is so helpful in tracking my gain.
  • Stretch Marks:  none :) sorry its genetic
  • Sleep:  sleeping has been good and bad, probably better with daylight savings. Except last night I had sweet tea a little too late and on a nesting high so it kept me up. 
  • Best Moment this week:  We found out that we are having a little girl!! I am so happy to know that our baby looks healthy and happy and that I know what she is now. 
  • Food:  Really want some spicy chicken from Tapioca Express or chicken wings from Wing Stop.. I have issues!
  • Clothes:  Maternity plus some regular jackets and cardigans
  • Belly Button: Almost completely flat 
  • What I miss:  Nothing other than regular energy...
  • What I’m looking forward too: Receiving the hair bows I just ordered for the little lady! Still looking for a new place.. so no nursery yet :( I have decided to stick with my unisex theme though and just add in touches of girl. 
  • Weekly Wisdom: Working out feels good! yay! I finally worked out this week and can't wait to do more. 
  • Weekly WTH:  So done with this junky weather, can we please have pretty skies so I can wear sundresses!
  • Nesting:  Tossed a bunch of stuff to add to our garage sale this weekend. Will hopefully add more :)
  • Milestones: She is the size of a Papaya now
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