Emily Tucker

23 weeks

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  • Weighty Issues: On track and worked out once and went for a walk, now to add more!

  • Stretch Marks: Still none! :)

  • Sleep: Has been feeling better but now I will be completely off a normal sleep schedule due to my work schedule

  • Best Moment this week: Just knowing and embracing that we will be having a sweet baby girl

  • Food: Why is it that only cheeseburgers and fries sound good to me? Mexican food is sounding good again, except Chipotle it just does not fulfill my taste buds anymore.

  • Clothes: Maternity everyday now, not bothering to try regular jeans. I have mixed in non-maternity tees, tanks and loungewear/pjs though.

  • Belly Button: Flat, its so cool (to me at least).

  • What I miss: Peace... Nothing to do with my pregnancy, but my job has been aggravating and stressful, really not looking forward to going back on Friday

  • What I’m looking forward too: Just enjoying this time, really would love to find a new apartment asap and really excited for a baby shower in the future

  • Weekly Wisdom: Family first

  • Weekly WTH: once again job...

  • Nesting: I love when I have nesting moments. Already ordered little lady a bunch of hair things and an ABC's poster for her room. Last week was Give & Get at work, so lets not discuss clothes :) or maybe we should cause they are adorbs! These were added to baby girls wardrobe plus a really cute stuffed horse:

Fringe Sandal

  • Milestones: Um... I'm more tired lol.

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