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best burger ever!

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I recently read a blog article about In N Out and of course it was about their secret not so secret menu, although I did learn a couple new things. However one of my favorite secret menu items was not on the list, the delicious Lemon-Up (a half and half of their pink lemonade and 7-up). The best thing about the article though was that they ordered all the items on the menu and took pictures of it all! 

Now on to my burger.. 

Personally I have always enjoyed In N Out but always felt like something was missing and it wasn't the things I don't get on burgers (tomatoes in my mind just don't belong on burgers, they ruin the meat and cheese flavors). 

I now know what was missing..

Grilled, chopped onions, 2 slices of cheese and the bun extra toasted. I used to get the lettuce but I prefer it w/out it now just to get full taste of the In N Out sauce. 

How to order My burger:

1x2 w/ grilled onions, no tomatoes or lettuce, bun extra toast :) 
and you have to get fries well-done