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26 weeks

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  • Weighty Issues: Fluctuating between 125 and 127 depending on what time of day it is but still in healthy range, yay! I've been better about upping my fluid intake and trying to eat a little healthier.. not so easy when all that sounds good are hamburgers and root beer. 
  • Stretch Marks: None on the belly, just the itty bitty one on other area
  • Sleep: Better, I've been getting up when my hubs leaves for work (anywhere between 5 and 6) or between 6 and 7 on his days off. Although last night somehow our dish drying rack fell into our sink and the husband and I wake up. He asks me what it was and in my sleepy state tell him some story about it being a stack of platters falling or something to that affect and then tell him not to worry about it and go back to sleep. 
  • Best Moment this week: My friend Kim felt baby girl move at church on Sunday, its really fun to have people feel her :) Garage sale last Saturday was epic, I made $80 and then sold my Cricut on Monday, to be replaced with a Slice. I now wish I had more things to sell. Got a wicked sunburn on one corner of my forehead and on half of my hands?! Got baby girl's car seat! Cell phone was left on top of my car after selling the Cricut, flew off but somehow survived. My first Giants home game last night, they won so baby and I must be a good luck charm. Brian "Sweet Cleats" Wilson did awesome in the ninth, I think his arm is back I just wish he would trim the beard a little more... 
  • Food: Loving my oatmeal and the awesome chili cheese dog I had at the game. 
  • Clothes: Wore some pre-maternity jeans last night, worked out just felt like they were falling down. Really can't wait for dress weather, please come soon!
  • Labor signs: No other Braxton Hicks, thankfully
  • Belly Button: Poked out more but I have a half-innie, half-outie normally so not really much to poke out.
  • What I miss: Nothing, life is too good. Could use a little more motivation to do work things. 
  • What I’m looking forward too: My baby shower :) we finally set the date to be in June when I will be 34 and a half weeks, we will see how that goes lol
  • Weekly Wisdom: Register online, I honestly don't have the patience to do this in-store and I can research items much easier from home. 
  • Weekly WTH: Consistently annoyed with our next door neighbor that smokes and never checks to see if our front door is open when he does, yuck. Thinking I may have the hubs talk to him or write him a very sincere note :)
  • Nesting: Garage sale mode made me clear out a lot of stuff now just trying to utilize every inch of our apartment in the best way. Goal this week is to clean out hubbys car and organize craft area. 
  • Milestones:  Baby girl is almost 2 lbs and the size of an eggplant :)
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p.s. totally frustrated because I have pictures to post but now have no idea where my camera cord went!! Are you kidding me...