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29 weeks

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Actually 25 weeks in these pics

  • Weighty Issues: 128 even today, 15 lbs gained. I have been walking more and feel more fit this week-definitely all belly now.

  • Stretch Marks: Nothing new. 

  • Sleep: Getting more and more difficult... heartburn has ravaged any good sleep I could have had.  

  • Best Moment this week: 

  • Food: I've been cooking a lot!! Some super yummy things too! Chicken anything is on top of my yum list plus strawberries. 

  • Clothes: Comfy.. since I don't have to dress up for work everyday there are lots of sweat and yoga pant combos going on. Sundays are my main dress up day lol. 

  • Labor signs: Had a few more Braxton Hicks yesterday, they seem to happen when I do a lot of tasks w/out breaks in between. So now I am trying to be more conscious of sitting down after I do something. 

  • Belly Button: Fully out but thankfully not visible through my shirts. 

  • What I miss: Heartburn free sleep, I can deal with getting up to pee but the heartburn burns so bad that I almost feel like throwing up.. 

  • What I’m looking forward too: Ultrasound on Thursday, finishing up organizing our place before bebe comes and my baby shower happening in about 5 weeks :)

  • Weekly Wisdom: Get stuff done but rest.. 

  • Weekly WTH: This heartburn is killing me, another time being taller might help. Since I'm short there really isn't much room for my stomach or esophagus anymore, maybe I'll get some relief when baby girl drops. 

  • Nesting: Mr.Clean Magic Erasered walls yesterday, bedroom area is almost done being organized waiting on Ikea bookcase/storage thing and rocker, started cleaning out trunk of hubs car which will be more mine when baby is here-need to make room for stroller and car seat to be put in, stocked up on some pantry items, family clothes/storage closet is almost done- just need closet extender and started setting up my new crafts/office area.

  • Closet organization project :)

  • Milestones: Baby is now weighing about the same as a butternut squash (approx. 2.5 lbs) and about 15 inches in length, head to heel. 

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