Emily Tucker

39 weeks

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My lovely cousin Keri and I at her Bridal Shower

Weighty Issues: Weighing 140 at the moment, I did have a large breakfast though. I really don't like seeing that 4 in my number..

Stretch Marks: Nothing new but I've heard of a lot of people not getting any till their last couple of weeks. 

Sleep: Once again sleep will be good one day and then I can't fall asleep the next, which I then usually work on a craft project. Lets just assume this is my weird form of nesting. Acid reflux has improved with the little lady moving down into position. 

Best Moment this week: Getting the car seat in the car, finally!! Had fun at my cousin's bridal shower on Sunday. I really love spending time with my family it just sucks that they live 2 hours away.

Food: I really seem to lack appetite during the day but am always starving for dinner and strangely for breakfast this morning. We treated ourselves and went out for breakfast :) 

Clothes: Maternity everything basically.. even some of those barely fit now!

Labor signs: Have had some Braxton Hicks off and on throughout the week but I am seriously ready to have this baby like ASAP! Baby come out!! I have loved pregnancy but I'm just a little bit done lol.

Belly Button: Out and odd looking as usual, only because I have a scar above my belly button from where it was pierced.

What I miss: Feeling comfortable, thankfully my pregnancy has been comfortable till this point. My belly is just so tight I can't get comfortable and my itchiness has resurfaced.

What I’m looking forward too: Our baby. Baby girl please come out so I can snuggle with you.

Weekly Wisdom: I have none but if anyone has some proven natural inducing methods they would like to share :)

Weekly WTH:  Why do Braxton Hicks have to tease me.. I know they are doing some work but please can't I just have some real contractions

Nesting: Working on things hoping they start labor lol.. I couldn't sleep last night so I worked on putting some background papers in the Grandma brag books I'm making. Trying to finish decorating nursery nook and our room..

Milestones: Ugh baby is the size of a small watermelon and it sure feels like it..