Emily Tucker

Hayden - 6 weeks

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Everyday this girl looks chubbier and pudgier, its kind of amazing! As a breastfeeding mom it makes you feel really proud that what you provide is causing that. The girl and I stay home a lot during the week, so most people only see her on Sunday and always seem to note how she looks completely different every week. I am still loving being a stay at home mom: days are awesome, nights are a little crazy right now.

-We are full on cloth diapering now! Its really fun :) I really do like it better than using disposables. More on cloth diapering later. Oh plus they are super cute!

-Barely fitting newborn clothes, partially due to bulkiness of cloth diapers and the chubby

-Someone is learning to self-soothe by sucking her hand or thumb, only problem is she doesn't remember to do it all the time

-Loving all the sweet smiles we are starting to get :)

-Hayden is awake a lot more during the day, which is fun but a new learning curve for me to get things done. Thankfully she likes to sleep in... getting dinner on the table is the biggest issue though.

-When she is awake she is tracking people and things. Plus shes pretty darn good at holding up and turning her head.

-Also while eating Hayden likes to grab onto my shirt and sometimes while holding her she grabs my hair.

-It looks like someone is getting some more hair of her own and surprisingly some looks a little red tinted.