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Yay, its almost September!! I love Fall and the Back to School time of year. It happens to be my fav-O-rite! 

Here are some fun links & things for September / Fall 

Get this Uber-cute coffee grinder computer background from WildOlive
Since we are a Starbucks family this is perfect for us plus its a cute reminder that Pumpkin Spice is coming!

A collective of Fall crafts. What could be better?!

Mmm extra delicious French onion soup, I must make this asap!

Please try these as soon as available. 
Trust me you won't regret it! 
Plus there is also a Caramel Apple one too... Dangerous.

Who wouldn't love this Sweater Dress for the tiny lady in your life 
Then you can snuggle her :)

A great reminder for everyday from the super Julie Carson!
I am constantly comparing and evaluating myself (my biggest fault)..
I really needed this

Loving this Floral Tank & Shawl Sweater combo
The floral puts a spin on Fall brights and who doesn't love a nubby knit!