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Hayden - 3 months

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Hayden is 3 months! 1/4 of a year old already. Where is time going? To be a mother is an indescribable, amazing thing.

Baby girl has been growing so much, and something changes everyday. To think about all the new things and how much bigger Hayden is compared to just last month...

This month Hayden:

  • is still breastfeeding. Aiming to go a year to possibly 18 months.

  • is a LOT more vocal. She makes cute little coos and loves to babble

  • can reach above her and grasp at the toys hanging from her playmat

  • can hold objects in her hand and will try and move them to her mouth, doesn't always work out for her but she is getting better each day

  • has become a thumb/hand sucker and soothes herself this way but is sometimes lazy, like when its naptime

  • is very smiley

  • beginning of a laughing!

  • really loves gnawing on things, including her Sophie the giraffe

  • likes tummy time more- can hold her head up, but still doesn't push all the way up on her arms all the time - she kinda just planks there, maybe I should have her do it in weird places (movie theater?!) like all the other plankers

  • has been drooling like crazy, bibs are a must

  • has been putting things in her mouth- toys, my hair, hands/fingers, blankets, burp cloths

Poor girl is almost 3 and a half months and I'm just posting this... I'm working through a lot mentally right now and its just a busy time of year but I love having a blog to record all my thoughts, life, hopes and dreams. I think those are just changing a lot right now - like working on my shop and product for that.

So much going on and not enough time to record it all. Oh and admire her cuteness a little more.