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January 2012

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I literally almost typed 2011... 
I'm so excited!! why? Well because January is my second favorite month! 
Remember, I love a fresh start
Its my motivation to clean/organize/plan

Goals for 2012:

-Menu plan: Its been hard for me to get this down. Since our schedule is far from normal and needs to be kept loose since things tend to suddenly come up. I really only need to plan 4-5 dinners a week but I need to plan breakfast and lunch because I tend to forget/neglect to feed myself. 

-Bible Study: Late last year I decided that for 2012 I wanted to read through the Bible chronologically. I would love to read in the morning but in this stage of mommyness it isn't exactly possible for me. I also want to try to get back to journaling about my Bible reading.

-Project Life: I'm still figuring out what this will look like for us.. Most likely it will be a weekly collection of photos and journaling and not necessarily a picture a day cause lets face it some days are just boring. I've started my title page and am working on organizing my supplies today. I'm hoping to post my pages weekly so you can see our week in review as well. 

-Organization/Decor: We got a lot done on our apartment before and the first few weeks after Hayden was born while Patrick was home but now its time to fine-tune everything. I wrote out a list of all the little projects I have in my head to do this year and have already completed a couple! 

-Business: I am working on adding new product and trying to streamline the way I make and list product. I would also love to try doing a craft fair this year too!

-Blog: First off its been super dull around here... I need to get back to posting about Hayden.. and I also want to really find my strengths and focus my writing and projects toward those. 

What are your favorite topics or posts I've written over the past year?