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Hayden - 4 months

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The littlest zebra of all

Baby girl is 4 months... Everyday I feel like she is less baby and more little girl and she is still so young but so much older. We are loving her non-stop smiles and giggles and sometimes she even snorts. Little goober baby! At her 4 month well check she weighed in at 15 pounds (about 78 percentile) and is in the 25th percentile for head circumference and height.

She also fit perfect in the box our fruit snacks come in

-Hayden is very vocal and loves to giggle!
-Has rolled over from back to front a couple times but I don't think she cares to roll much
-Loves playing on her play mat or in her high chair
-Now gets carried in the sling facing front in a kangaroo carry position and loves looking out
-We also upgraded the stroller from the bassinet to the regular seat
-Is finally starting to enjoy taking baths, especially ones with mama
-I feel like she is on the brink of sitting up almost all on her own
-Went up a snap size in her Flip diapers
-Still mostly bald and eyes are still blue!

My little model with her grump face on

and whoever said girls couldn't like comic books and Spiderman is seriously wrong!