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Hayden - 1 year

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I haven't posted a Hayden update in 2 months and if you've been wondering why... It's because I'm in denial that she is now a 1 year old today!


I am in love with being your mommy and watching you grow a little bit everyday. 

You make me smile and laugh consistently, as like daddy you can be quite the silly one. 

Your grumpy face makes me giggle, sorry if you are trying to get sympathy. 

Your littleness has taught me to be a mommy, also sorry for the many things I screw up on daily. 

My little lady I am so proud of how strong you already are in many things: walking, talking, signing & a really good eater. 

Here's to hoping all other Tucker babies will be as easy as you have been!

Love, Mama

Hello big one year old!