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Hayden's First Birthday Party: Part 1

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First birthdays are always the most important, even though its really a party for mommy and daddy surviving the first year. So of course I was on a mission to make Hayden's special but not crazy. I personally believe kids birthday parties should be simple and tasteful. I'm am very open (i.e. too open) with my dislike of typical themed kids parties, no generic Disney Princess or Cars theme here.  

Enter the inspiration: 

Clearance apple tablecloths from Target!

Apple tablecloth = Snow White poison appleish theme


Adorable invite I made! First ever I've made and had printed through Overnight Prints.

Beyond those 2 items I wasn't really worried about decor since we were having it at the park. If we had hosted at home I would have done more crafty things. 


Awesome bags found in the $1 dollar section at Target. Which I found after I had already made the invitations chevron background. Kinda freaked me out a little.. 
Contents: Caramel apple pops- normally I wouldn't give children candy but they fit with the theme too perfectly, Lip Smackers - in gender neutral sporty flavors w/ Spf 24 & food/dessert erasers from Target's kids party favor section.

...to be continued Monday!

-xo emily