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hi we're alive here

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We've done a lot over the past 3 months, which is by far the longest true bloggy break I've ever taken. In a way I needed it but on the other side there was no other choice. My first trimester this 2nd pregnancy has been overwhelming with the mix of work & toddler. It surprised me a lot because 1st pregnancy I had 2 jobs during my first trimester and yes was overwhelmed then too but in such a different way. I was mentally just demolished for a period and trying to figure out my footing in life but after this Christmas season I am back and have gained some useful tools for future periods of depression & anxiety.

I am now 18 weeks & 2 days, which I wouldn't know if I didn't have an app that told me. Its funny the contrast from 1st pregnancy- where every detail is SO important to 2nd pregnancy- in which I'm lucky if I remember my due date. I have the worst case of preggo brain, so if you ask me something involving a date farther than a week from now I will look really concerned and frustrated for a minute and then maybe if you are lucky have the right answer.

Hayden will be 18 months next week and I can't believe it. I have been watching videos from her first year and I was in shock of how much she really has grown and how she really isn't bald anymore. We are gradually incorporating potty training into our routine and Hayden has already peed on her potty once. She sometimes is now picky about foods but mostly on the factor if she can feed it to herself. Her signing and speech is crazy good, she is adding a few new words to her vocabulary every week. In the past month Hayden has been adding in some short sentences as well but I am most proud of her manners, she signs and says her pleases and thank you's very often with little prompting when speaking to Patrick and I and often none when speaking to others. She is quite the ball of energy and scary good at climbing, this makes my job a little harder but by far my favorite part of my day.

-xo emily