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Just finished this book over the weekend and am very glad that I have read it. As I said before it is a great program to get you on the track to having a clean and decluttered home.

and just now finished this book its a YA 9-13 yr. old read but its cute cover caught my eye at Barnes&Noble and I knew I had to read it. Thats right I do judge some books by their cover lol. Sometimes its fun to read YA books (twilight... harry potter.. sisterhood of the traveling pants, etc..) I usually only read more science fiction type ones but I cannot resist tea themed things especially since my re-ignited extreme love of tea. Oh and YA books are really easy to read, I mean not to brag or anything but I read this in 4 days and with my goal of 100 books this year which is daunting I need a few books like this on my list.


p.s. I do have a list of all the books I am planning to read this year but I have added and subtracted here and there to include books I see or hear about and want to add, like in the case of The Teashop Girls. There are actually 10 categories, 10 books in each category. This is called 10/10/10 or 10 categories, 10 books, in 2010. I will put up the list in my next post.

reading count 4 out of 100, 96 to go, 2 in progress