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How could I?

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Rollerblade Spiritblade XT Women's Skate (Size- 10)
Me. How could I? One who hasn't regularly worked out in lets just say a long time, rollerblade from my house all the way to my work, approximately 4 and 1/4 miles. Walking 3 miles the day before made me encouraged to try another task. Definitely wouldn't have been able to accomplish this without my Creator who kept me safe and strong through it all. I prayed a couple times during my journey to keep me safe from harm(creeps and hurting myself or being hit by a car).

I wasn't even sure I could do this. I thought I would have to switch to walking midway or maybe even right away. However it now became something I wanted to do to prove to myself and my husband, that yes I could do this and if you must know, I'm not new to blading/skating. I started skating at age 6 or 7 and switched to blading at age 10 and kinda did it almost everyday until about age 12 and only randomly since then. So I would say I am good at skating but I have almost no street skating experience. I've kept to my neighborhood and rinks till now and sadly there were 2 things most definitely against me in process of accomplishing my goal, one being the horrible sidewalks in Burlingame and 2 the crappy roads in San Mateo. Also there was one frightening downhill part that thankfully there was a pole for me to stop myself with, my only slight near death experience in a long time.

At the end of it I was so overjoyed and yes a bit proud of myself. I was also saddened to not see more people on bike/skates/board or any other sort of transportation other than car or bus. Growing up on the East Bay this was common even in my little village of San Lorenzo(it is technically a village, not a town, strange right) which is not the most forward thinking place. I was born and raised in Berkeley till age 5 so I have a few earth saving tendencies :) . This isn't really like that though because not only does traveling in this way help cut down on gas and the harm it does but its also about enjoying our city in a new way and just being outdoors which is great for us. I plan on doing this more when I can and I encourage you to as well!


p.s. my blades are not as cool as those :( but they are the same brand