Emily Tucker

Fill in the blank friday

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1.   The first thing I do in the morning to start my day is      start some water boiling for tea  .

2.  Today I wish I was   sleeping in with Patrick and snuggling plus maybe some french toast later  .

3.  If I had an extra $100 in my bank account today I'd       try to save it    .

4.  Tomorrow       I'm going to Stella & Dot Basics Bootcamp!! I'm so excited I'm hoping this helps me put myself out there more and get some trunk shows on my schedule  .

5.  Two things that don't go together are     some may disagree but I don't think prints and stripes go together .

6.  Something I can never pass up at the grocery store is        good deals on pre-washed salad.. so random. it used to be magazines but that has gotten mostly better    .

7.  The last time I tried something new was        lame I can't remember a situation, which shows that I don't try new things often enough     .