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Fill in the blank friday

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1.   Blogging is       a simple way to express myself and keep track of went on in my life    .

2.  A current fashion trend I wish I was brave enough to wear is   a lace dress or shirt  .

3.  My greatest accomplishment in life thus far is   __I don't really feel I can claim anything as my accomplishment, its only through Christ that I get anything done plus I don't think anything I've done is that great__  .

4.  If I had to choose between a mountain or a beach vacation I'd choose    ooh hard to decide I might have to say mountain because I prefer non-humid weather   .

5.  A talent I wish I had is      not being scared to speak to and in front of people .

6.  A talent I do have is        makeup and throwing stuff together to make a meal    .

7.  This week       is surprisingly good but not looking forward to tomorrow if I can't get my shift covered, since 
I've never closed and don't know how and don't want to know     .


Fill in the blank friday

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1.   The first thing I do in the morning to start my day is      start some water boiling for tea  .

2.  Today I wish I was   sleeping in with Patrick and snuggling plus maybe some french toast later  .

3.  If I had an extra $100 in my bank account today I'd       try to save it    .

4.  Tomorrow       I'm going to Stella & Dot Basics Bootcamp!! I'm so excited I'm hoping this helps me put myself out there more and get some trunk shows on my schedule  .

5.  Two things that don't go together are     some may disagree but I don't think prints and stripes go together .

6.  Something I can never pass up at the grocery store is        good deals on pre-washed salad.. so random. it used to be magazines but that has gotten mostly better    .

7.  The last time I tried something new was        lame I can't remember a situation, which shows that I don't try new things often enough     .

Fill in the blank friday

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found this lovely feature on The Little Things We Do blog and love it, this just might be my regular friday post

1.   True happiness is       trusting in Jesus  .

2.  The most surreal moment of my life was   probably the moment after we were married cause its a huge difference all of a sudden and all you can think is 'woah we're married'  .

3.  My favorite texture is       hmm I really love texture, mainly really soft ones like baby chenille and rich velvet but my fave textures to look at are feathers and lace oh and ruffles   .

4.  My signature color is    ...grey, seriously trying to get away from it though, problem is it goes with everything i seriously have at least 5 grey sweaters  .

5.  My signature style is     I never quite know, I guess comfy/hip/girly is kinda how you would classify my style because I live in jeans, like unique patterns and things but love ruffles and high heels plus dresses when I can convince myself to wear one .

6.  If I could choose one store to spend my life savings at, it would be        this is hard because I really shop everywhere but anthropologie would probably be the closest to a full happiness level store   .

7.  My best thing about autumn is        absolutely everything! it is the best season, I wish I was born in fall and not spring, i.e. my least favorite season. I dream of fall all year    . 

feeling raw friday

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{I AM …}  a reading obsessed, tea drinkin', cookin' queen, lover of my husband, and last but not least a woman who loves Jesus.
{I WANT …} A reallllly relaxing vacation, work has worn me out. also want a massage and pedicure
{I HAVE …} Everything to be thankful for
{I KEEP …} Too much! time to get rid of more things
{I WISH I COULD …} have a home full of children
{I HATE …} self-righteous people and bad manners
{I FEAR …} clowns and spiders
{I HEAR …} too much and sometimes not enough, my hearing is weird I can hear someone say a drink order across the room and sometimes not hear someone next me that well
{I DON’T THINK ...} I am used enough but I think in time I will be able to use my gifts more
{I REGRET …} almost nothing, its really true everything that has happened to me has made me, me...
{I LOVE …} babies
{I CAN …} be really annoyed at myself, I let myself down a lot 
{I DANCE …} when I'm home alone... to hip-hop :)
{I SING …} in the car, at home but not in the shower
{I NEVER …} can get enough sleep thus is why I take naps, long ones the ones you aren't supposed to take
{I RARELY …} mop my floors, like twice a year ;)
{I CRY WHEN I WATCH …} certain movies and that one kleenex commercial
{I KNOW THAT …} I am loved
{I HATE THAT …} I'm tired all the time and that I have to work on the weekend
{I NEED …} use my time more wisely...still.
{I SHOULD …} wash my car but its ugly anyways and makes me miss my old one
{I BELIEVE …} in my AWEsome Savior :)