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28 weeks

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Almost 27 weeks in pic

  • Weighty Issues: Same as last week, I've been fluctuating between 128 and 129
  • Stretch Marks: Still good :)
  • Sleep: My sleep is crazy, some nights are really good with only one wake-up and others I get up 4-5 times mainly because someone thinks its playtime. 
  • Best Moment this week: Hearing baby girl's heartbeat at my 28 week appt. It was a very strong heartbeat. I have an Ultrasound on Monday just to double check everything and my dreaded Glucose test.. Hoping I pass the first one so I don't have to do the 3 hr test.
  • Food: Bought some bad things that are just sooo good (um hello Strawberry Hostess Cupcakes). Since I am home now I actually have time to cook, this has been a healthy blessing for both of us. 
  • Clothes: Mostly maternity still mixing in regular tees and jeans. Began looking for a dress for my Baby Shower... Here are some options I am in love with: 

Let me know what you think :) 
p.s. why are all the cute maternity dresses so expensive!!

  • Labor signs: I think I may have had more Braxton Hicks (false contractions) but they are hard to tell. 
  • Belly Button: Poking out a bit more but its soft.. so you don't see it poking out 
  • What I miss: Sleep sometimes.. appetite is a little better PTL (Praise The Lord), I'm eating smaller meals more frequently. I do miss not having heartburn, it bites.
  • What I’m looking forward too: Other than some lack of sleep and heartburn I feel so blessed to be pregnant, even my morning sickness wasn't that bad. I honestly love being pregnant and am taking time to enjoy it. Lately I've been trying to imagine what she will look like, the Hubs and I were cute chubby babies so thats a given and she will most likely have blonde hair and a good amount of it, but other than those things I'm not sure but really excited to find out. Baby shower can not come soon enough :) also excited to take the classes I signed up for (breastfeeding, newborn care and our labor and delivery tour)
  • Weekly Wisdom: It may sound obsessive but I honestly check my weight almost everyday but it helps me keep on track for gaining but not gaining too much. My goal for after pregnancy is to get more fit than I was before pregnancy. 
  • Weekly WTH: Nothing too crazy this past week, a few more back aches.
  • Nesting: Is in progress!!  I have put in a lot of good routines already, Yay! oh and stocked up on some pantry staples this past week.. Who knew a bed could be made every single day and that there actually is a bottom of my sink. Must clean-out both of our cars and put in car seat in a few weeks :) Also need to make a master to-do list before bebe comes 
  • Milestones: Third trimester, Hellloooo :) Cannot believe you are already here!
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