Emily Tucker

32 weeks

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Cloth diaper babies are super adorable!!

  • Weighty Issues: Still at 132, my fluid intake has been a little down today but belly is definitely bigger so I'm sure I've gained. Total gained= 19 lbs

  • Stretch Marks: Still good with just my tiny one :)

  • Sleep: I go to sleep between 11 and 12 most nights and wake up always around 7. Some days I nap, mainly the crazy busy ones like Sunday. Some nights I wake up only one time and sometimes its 4..

  • Best Moment this week: My breastfeeding class was last Saturday and extremely helpful and informative. Not gonna go into details but I learned a lot and we got to practice holds with fake babies.

  • Food: I think I want to eat Panera Bread's chicken apple salad everyday plus some crispy green beans from PF Chang's. Birthday week was awesome I basically ate whatever I wanted. Won't be able to do that for much longer...

  • Clothes: Got to wear beautiful $5 maxi dress from Target on Sunday and actually wore some heels, wedges actually otherwise I would have fallen on my face. I felt gorgeous! Which definitely doesn't happen everyday.. but is helped by my new hair do.

  • Labor signs: Some random Braxton Hicks like feelings here or there but nothing serious.

  • Belly Button: Out/stretched, sometimes it shows a little through a shirt..

  • What I miss: Eating spicy food w/out getting heartburn/acid reflux. We eat spicy stuff a lot, I kinda suck it up because I love it so much.

  • What I’m looking forward too: There is just so much fun baby things going on in the next few weeks (32 week appt. tomorrow, Monday I will be fabric and thrift shopping with my Mom, Newborn care class that Saturday, and then shower the Saturday after that) plus moving to our new place!! but I'm most excited to just cuddle my baby girl and smell her babyness :)

  • Weekly Wisdom: Spend as much time w/hubs as possible, we won't be alone much longer.

  • Weekly WTH: Just general feeling of waiting or dealing with certain situations.. I know, vague right.

  • Nesting: Waiting on the new place to be ready... but trying to purge even more stuff as I must begin to pack today.

  • Milestones: Hello 8 months!

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