Emily Tucker

34 weeks

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  • Weighty Issues:  If my scale was unpacked I would tell you.
  • Stretch Marks: I found a couple odd little ones on my side. Thankfully not scary ones.. 
  • Sleep: Randomly wake 3-4 times a night, sometimes to pee and the other times I'm not always sure.
  • Best Moment this week: Moving!! Can't wait to share pics once we are settled :)
  • Food: Strangely not as ferociously hungry this week but drinking a lot of fluids.
  • Clothes: Bored with and uncomfortable in most of my clothes. Lets just say the sweat pant and I are more than friends. We have good weather this week so I will be able to wear some comfy dresses and the steal of a deal dress I got at Old Navy for my shower on Saturday!
  • Labor signs: Had my worst Braxton Hicks yet on Sunday while we were watching the NBA Finals, they surprised me a little bit but manageable with the Bradley techniques I learned.
  • Belly Button: Not as poky this week :)
  • What I miss: Just sleep, all this moving business has turned me into Nesting Freak!!
  • What I’m looking forward too: My shower on Saturday, I love all-girl parties and don't get too many chances to go to them. (I must plan some now that we have the space to have guests over plus more people need to get married and have babies.) Really really looking forward to little lady arriving soon but feel like I have too much to do! 
  • Weekly Wisdom: Relax and balance, this has definitely been the theme the past couple of weeks. So much has been changing in our lives plus I have asthma and now my lungs have less room so I get winded pretty easily. 
  • Weekly WTH: I look like crap lol...
  • Nesting: New apartment woah, so much to do but it is getting done. To do this week though is work on my sewing projects and wash everything of baby girls.
Sorry for the lack of posts lately but as you just read-we have been moving..