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I have wanted to do a What's in My Bag post for a long time. So here it is! I have decided that I will turn this post into a new series here on Known As Emj :) oh and don't forget to link up your own bag!

The Bag:  
Gap tote bag- they make different versions of this bag every season. Mine is from Jan/Feb 2011

The Contents:

  1. Camelbak kids water bottle- I like this smaller version since it fits in a side pocket
  2. Gap wallet
  3. Stella & Dot mini lookbooks
  4. Super cute reusable Paper Chase bag
  5. Gucci sunglasses- secret: I found these in the lost & found at my old job
  6. My makeup bag
  7. Huge bobby pins from my hair stylist, these work wonders and hold everything
  8. Sanrio card case- I keep business cards and gift cards in here
  9. Assorted keys/ keychain
  10. Assorted pens, gum and yummy Philosophy pomegranate lip gloss
  11. My pen case
  12. Random extra bag
After taking pics I realized a few regular bag items were not in it... So usually I have my Kindle, a book, notebook and planner but not always all of them :)