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35 weeks

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Super cute pic of


and I - at the shower

  • Weighty Issues: I started using a new scale at home and it says 131 lbs but I think I'm definitely more than that. We shall see at my doctors appt on Thursday.

  • Stretch Marks: Still just a couple barely noticeable ones

  • Sleep: Most nights I wake up at least once with acid reflux and take Tums that barely help and give me the grossest after taste in the morning. New addition to sleep are lovely night sweats, I presume partly due to our warmer weather and hormones.

  • Best Moment this week: My shower!! It was so wonderful, My friends Jess and Niki did an amazing job putting it together. Such a blessing to be surrounded by amazing women showering me and baby girl with love, good food and gifts :) Plus moving in has worked out pretty smoothly basically only have our bedroom and craft/play area to be organized!

  • Food: I've been eating lots of salads, cereal, smoothies and burgers lately. Yum! Our oven is now a gas one but is not working yet? so I haven't done any cooking at the new place yet.

  • Clothes: Wishing I had some cuter shorts options for this warm weather but might have to resort to wearing dresses.

  • Labor signs: No new braxton hicks thankfully! Hoping none for awhile and on the topic of labor we are really hoping that I don't go into labor anytime soon since Patrick's assistant manager is still gone, and really hopefully I will be over my due date :) I just don't want baby girl to have to share her birthday lol too many birthdays in July.

  • Belly Button: Poky the last couple days, it definitely fluctuates

  • What I miss: Only having my stove :( tired of having to eat out

  • What I’m looking forward too: Just enjoying this time and getting our home ready. But of course really looking forward to her being here, its completely frightening and exciting at the same time.

  • Weekly Wisdom: um nothing new I can think of really.. just enjoying this time

  • Weekly WTH: Just the stove...

  • Nesting: Full on nesting and organizational mode around here. Before baby being born is honestly the best and worst time to move because we are getting rid of loads of stuff we've held onto for who knows why and able to fit all the things we love :) and having lots of fun with our new Ikea items.

  • Milestones: Hello my little honeydew melon :)

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