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36 weeks

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Mmm some of my faves-Napa salad, Antipasto salad & Boneless buffalo wings

  • Weighty Issues: Weighed in at 137 at my appt. last week and just weighed 134 on my home scale. Either one I'm in perfect range for gaining and really happy with not gaining above normal. Strange as it is, at the moment I'm really pumped and motivated to lose the baby weight and I can't wait to find out how much I will have to lose. Plus I really want to get into better shape than I was before I got pregnant, I was thin but not fit. I actually did Weight Watchers online program to help me get in a healthier place before I got prego :)

  • Stretch Marks: Still just the tiny ones here and there but nothing new and nothing scary.

  • Sleep: I just started taking Zantac for my acid reflux at night, this has helped amazingly! Yes, I still get up 3-5x a night but only to pee not cough for 15 minutes while getting the acid out of my throat. Sometimes I think baby girl kicks me and that wakes me up but I still go pee anyways.

  • Best Moment this week: Some relief from my acid reflux! Also excited that my appointments are closer and closer together :) next appt. is on Wednesday next week!!

  • Food:Smoothies, lots of watered down Crystal Light Lemonade (we had a heat wave it was necessary), Chipotle (its just too hard to cook when its hot), cereal w/ a banana, Hamburgers and fries sound good all the time lately, really enjoying eating lots of salads for lunch :)

  • Clothes: Maternity plus non-Maternity dresses.. Although some of my maternity shirts are starting to seem short! Really not happy about that.

  • Labor signs: No new ones, which honestly I'm thankful for because I feel like I have a MiLLiON more things to do..

My Aunt Carol, Me and My Momma

  • Belly Button: Definitely out.. Now I'm beginning to wonder what it will look like after baby.

  • What I miss:Nothin really

  • What I’m looking forward too: Sadly at the moment- feeling prepared for her to come home. I feel like I am mentally but I still have so much organizing to do from our move.. I really don't have as much as it sounds like I do (finish craft/play/office area, finish ours and baby's clothes, our hallway and then just random little things like put up pictures).

  • Weekly Wisdom: Just feeling Blessed everyday! To be able to carry this little person in me is such a beautiful blessing and even more of a blessing is that I get to be a stay at home mommy :)

  • Weekly WTH: Okay so I love hot weather but hot, dry weather -not this yuck we get in the bay area. Wishing I was down in Palm Springs for Resolved Conference this year to enjoy the hot desert heat but alas I am kinda too pregnant for a road trip and too much to still do :(

Blessed with lots of amazing gifts!

  • Nesting: Everything needed for baby is here or on its way!! Stroller comes on Friday and I am so excited for it! lol. Yesterday I washed all of the little lady's clothes up to 6 months and all her blankies, sheets and cloth diapers too. Now I must organize them all in the closet and in her bins. I actually ran out of her hangers, I have 30 but no surprise she has a lot more clothes than that. Still have to work on my sewing projects but I can't start until I have the craft/play area in order.. Also this week we must, must, must put in her car seat!

  • Milestones: She weighs about 6 pounds and is around 18 and 1/2 inches in length :)