Emily Tucker

38 weeks

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Trying to up my chance of contractions with Pineapple popsicles :)
  • Weighty Issues: Was 139 at appt. last week and 138 this week, its normal to not gain or lose a pound or 2 at this point 
  • Stretch Marks: Nothing new :)
  • Sleep: One night will be good and the next crap, I think she may have dropped so my acid reflux will hopefully get a little better
  • Best Moment this week: Feeling more ready! Although the poor girls car seat is still not in the car... 
  • Food: Cheese and smoothies this week 
  • Clothes: Trying to dress normal, time at home is spent in comfy clothes or dresses
  • Labor signs: Had Braxton Hicks on Monday (lasted an hour and had one every 10 minutes), I was really hoping they would last... So hoping she isn't born near her due date (20th) since the hubs birthday is the 19th and I don't want their birthdays that close together, I never understand why people want their kids born on their birthday? Heres to hoping before the 15th or after the 25th!
  • Belly Button: Out, was just trying to remember what my belly button looked like before and realized I couldn't.. Now I wanna know how baby girl's will look 
  • What I miss: Cooler weather.. kay only a little bit but it sucks driving my car in the heat
  • What I’m looking forward too: Our baby girl being here :)
  • Weekly Wisdom: Have fun 
  •  Weekly WTH: Still dealing with night sweats but decided I need to sleep with the a/c on 
  • Nesting: Doing projects little by little